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February 21 2018


turns out it's only one book and no one was skinned alive
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February 20 2018

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yeah, i know that feel. you could check out my betterfap profile if you want.. :P

nothing i would consider abusive, but fair amount of unprotected sex which i guess isn't a good sign in porn. <_<

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soap for my soup

i feel like having some sort of 3 strikes thing for unfriending people who post bullshit on soup. in particular unsourced screenshots of news sites (and "news sites") have to fucking die. would someone pledge with me to do the same? perhaps this would be more incentive for people to stop reposting garbage..
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Freddy Mercury: Don't stop me now. Lead vocal only.
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huh.. scheint als hätten die timestamps dir doch ein datum für die einzelpost-seiten gegeben.. oder hast du sonst noch was geändert?
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